NB: Sadly we do not currently take in volunteers. 


Due to the COVID-19 situation unfolding in Europe we are currently closed for visits. We hope to be able to open for visits again as soon as it is considered safe. 

Keep an eye on this page for updates concerning visits.


Being a Volunteer

As a volunteer at SAWA there is a number of tasks that needs to get done everyday. A normal day is often starts at 08.00 am - 13.00 pm and consists of: 

  • Cleaning the shelters

  • Feeding the animals 

  • Walking the dogs

  • Hanging with the animals and giving and receiving a lot of love. 

Beside the daily rutines there are also many ad hoc tasks that needs to be taken care of - depending on the season of your stay. 

We love to get help - but we unfortunately do not have any accommendation opportunities for volunteers.

Voluntering at SAWA requires that volunteers have a place to stay of their own and the shelter do not have funds to pay for this accommendation.


We hope to be able in the future to offer a free place at the shelter - but this is currently not an option we have.

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