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Open daily

9 am - 12 noon

for doggy walks to the beach

Please note

  • Please park down by the visitor-cave (with the blue pig)

  • There is no public transport available to and from the shelter

  • You will be entering an area of free roaming animals on your own risk and responsibility

  • The shelter assumes no liability for damage to people or things that happen in the shelter and outside during the accompaniment of animals

  • Keep treats and goodies sealed in a backpack or bag.
    Do not give them to the animals until you have spoken to a shelter volunteer, Christina, or Dave.

  • Wear appropriate shoes and clothing. The terrain is dusty, windy and uneven

  • Don't forget to bring water and sun cream

  • The shelter thrives on internationality, and different languages are spoken.
    Therefore, it is an advantage if you understand English. Christina speaks Greek, English, and French.

  •  If you do take the dogs for a walk, please keep them leashed at all times.

How to find us

We are situated on the southern part of Santorini inbetween Emporio and Akrotiri. 

Find us on google maps for directions. Search SAWA Santorini or follow the link to SAWALAND

What awaits you
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