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Adult Dogs SAWA

Adult Dogs
2+ Years


Gender: Male

Birthday: April 2019

We found out about this sweet boy named Romeo by concerned tourists hiking the long Caldera trail from Fira to Oia. He had found shelter from whatever drove him stray around a small church, literally in the middle of nowhere, and survived on the water and food that hikers shared with him. Romeo has made himself at home at Sawaland and he really is as gentle as they come, showing us how grateful he is to be allowed to stay here. English Pointers and all breeds of hunting dogs on the island fall victims of great neglect mainly if they prove to be "bad in hunting".


Gender: Female

Birthday: July 2020

Was found wandering on a busy road and as most Pointers are not streetwise, she was taken in for her own safety. Foxtrot is very playful and easy-going loves walks and me time!


Gender: Male

Birthday: October 2020

He has spent most of his life on a chain, which has made him very loyal and somewhat protective, especially when behind fences and on a chain. However, he is quick to learn and readily accepts the company of large groups of dogs. He has a deep affection for cars and adores human companionship. He was abandoned near the lighthouse, often standing for days in the middle of a rather dangerous road, eagerly trying to follow any passing car.


Gender: Male

Birthday: October 2021

He survived behind the airport runway and speed road with his brother, who has already been adopted. They used a large garbage bin as their shelter and had been living there for months, likely abandoned as puppies.


Gender: Female

Age: around 4 Years

Her owner died and she was left behind and roaming the streets of megalehori for months. She is very friendly. A real sweetheart!!


Gender: Male

Birthday: February 2020

We believe he would appreciate having a secure and calm dog in his future family. An insecure dog, on the other hand, could increase Nino's stress and anxiety. Nino is very cautious and shy when it comes to people he doesn't know well, and he takes his time before he's willing to trust a new person. What Nino values most are long beach walks, preferably by the water. He loves to swim and enjoys simply lying in the water to relax. His future family must have experience in caring for a very mindful and anxious dog, be able to provide a tranquil countryside environment with occasional baths, and have plenty of time and patience. With love and time, Nino will get the conditions he needs to become a confident and harmonious dog.


Gender: Female

Birthday: June 2015

She is a very kind pointer, totally fit for her 8 years and ready for a forever home.


Gender: Male

Birthday: April 2020

He is a German Shorthaired Pointer, and even though he gets along with all the other dogs just fine, we believe that he would love a home for himself where he doesn't have to share with another dog.

Tiger Lilly

Gender: Female

Age: around 2 Years

The past weeks we had received many reports from visitors on the island that had encountered an emancipated female mother dog who we named Tiger Lilly, begging for food at the Red Beach. Her babies were nowhere to be seen and removing her from the area would definitely be their end. A couple of days ago a crate arrived at the shelter with 7 puppies barely 5 weeks old and mum could be only one! Another mission started to find the mum who had mysteriously vanished. Finally she was discovered hiding in a small cavern quite injured on the head and the reunion was so heartwarming Just a couple of hours later someone entered the shelter dropped a sac with 3 babies and disappeared.... So there we were with a newly finished dog area just the same morning, meant for some of the shelter dogs patiently waiting for their new accommodation and one mum followed by 10 pups! Mamma Tiger Lilly of course was given the new area and she immediately accepted the 3 orphaned pups who happen to be of the same age as her own.


Gender: Female

Birthday: September 21

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