Visiting SAWA - Santorini


Due to the COVID-19 situation unfolding in Europe we are currently closed for visits. We hope to be able to open for visits again as soon as it is considered safe. 

Keep an eye on this page for updates concerning visits.



We have no easy access to the shelter as the dirt roads have not been repaired by the State after the winter storms, and you are strongly advised to take care if driving in a rental vehicle.

The most smooth way to drive or walk up, is just before entering the village of Emborio. On your right hand you will spot a big sign of an AVIN gas station. Before you reach it make a left - it looks like a U turn heading towards the mountain. If you are planning to walk, that side road is a good place to park.

Take into account that it is a 25 to 30 minute hike on foot. You just follow the dirt road to an elevated gorge formation, and all the way up that narrow passage will lead you to our donkey area. We accept dog walkers at 9am so please wear relevant closed shoes, hats, sun protection and water as temperatures tend to rise fast this time of the year.


Thank you!

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