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Christina Kaloudi and David Small are the heads of the SAWA Santorini Animal Shelter.
They are the heart and soul of SAWA.

Day and night, 365 days a year, they care for and nurture the animals at SAWALAND.
What Christina has accomplished for the animals on the island over the last 12-14 years cannot be put into words and is unparalleled. She takes care of injured and abandoned animals around the clock.
Often, she takes in weak and sick street puppies into her home to provide them with appropriate protection and care according to their age and condition.

In collaboration with the island's veterinarians, she also ensures the necessary medical care.
Tirelessly, she educates the island's residents about animal care and answers questions.

In the early years of SAWA, her tireless efforts on behalf of animals went unnoticed by the residents of Santorini and the local authorities. However, for some time now, the municipality of Santorini has been supporting SAWA with financial and material resources. But these resources are far from sufficient to feed the animals and provide them with the necessary medical support.

With the purchase of the property by Fritz and Gaby, the SAWA association and Christina have finally received the assurance that, after many years of uncertainty and relocation,
the animals have found their permanent home.

David Small, Christina's Canadian husband, is not only a truly hands-on support but is also responsible for the animal shelter's infrastructure and its expansion and development with his craftsmanship and visionary ideas.

With their unparalleled dedication and passion, Christina and Dave have made SAWALAND what it is:
a sanctuary and a haven for abandoned and abused animal souls on Santorini.

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