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The Santorini Animal Welfare Associatio (SAWA), is a non-governmental,
nonprofit organization founded in 1992 by dedicated animal lovers on the island of Santorini, Greece.

SAWA's mission is to protect the island's animals – from stray dogs and cats to abandoned donkeys and mules – to care for their well-being, and to advocate for their rights.

In close collaboration with the Thira municipality and the local veterinarian,
SAWA ensures that all stray animals are neutered and vaccinated.
They receive proper treatment for injuries, illnesses, or poisonings and, whenever possible,
are placed in Greece or abroad.

Furthermore, SAWA monitors the implementation of the "Code of Practice" for all donkeys and mules that toil daily in the bay of Fira. Additionally, the association continually assesses the health and working conditions of the donkeys and is dedicated to their improvement.

As of November 2022, SAWA currently shelters approximately 60 dogs, 25 donkeys and mules, 7 horses, and many farm animals, including half a dozen goats, our pig "Bella," as well as a large flock of chickens, ducks, and geese. And not to forget our feathered star, Morgan, THE cockatoo.

Since populations are constantly changing, this status is likely outdated as these words are being written. Therefore, we encourage you to visit SAWA on-site and be surprised by the current situation.

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