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All our farm animals have had a tumultuous and sometimes very painful history.

Especially our mules and donkeys have toiled for years, performing heavy labor. They often carried people and heavy loads daily, even to the point of exhaustion, on the partly still cobblestone-paved streets of Santorini. They did their work under the scorching sun of Santorini and in endless long workdays.

Unfortunately, the donkeys are still driven to work until their physical or mental breakdown by their owners.

Donkeys have an unusually high pain threshold. If a donkey is mistreated, it silently endures its pain. Donkeys do not vocalize their pain, unlike humans or other animals such as dogs, cats, or pigs.
They typically show their pain and suffering only before reaching physical and mental collapse, often manifesting in aggressiveness and irritability.

Such tormented and injured animals are either tied to the gate of SAWALAND overnight or Christina receives a call to pick up a suffering and no longer usable donkey.


What is commonly known about donkeys:

"Donkeys are often considered stubborn and dumb. Therefore, they are often treated very poorly and beaten by humans. But in reality, they have their own minds and do not simply submit. Donkeys are very intelligent, brave, and cautious. In a dangerous situation, they first stop and consider how to react best.

They learn quickly, and when spoken to with short, simple words, they quickly understand what is meant. Donkeys become aggressive and irritable only when treated poorly.

Donkeys do not like to be alone. They prefer to live in a herd.
However, they also get along well with sheep, cattle, or goats."

All farm animals, whether pigs, goats, sheep, donkeys, ducks, or chickens,
enjoy a well-deserved and stress-free retirement at SAWALAND.

To provide them with the care and necessary medical attention they need,
secure financing is required in addition to daily on-site efforts.

For this purpose, we are looking for animal lovers like you who are willing to undertake a partial or full sponsorship for one of our wards.

You are always welcome at SAWALAND. Let yourself be shown around and get to know SAWA Santorini and your sponsored animal.
Give them your affection, cuddle with them, and share an extra carrot or two.

They will be forever grateful to you.

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