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THE Journey

The story of "SAWALand" as we know it today begins in early 2021. Due to various events, it became necessary to move to a new place in order to continue to offer the animals a safe place to live. The first stage was a site provided by a friend, which serves as a temporary shelter for many animals. At the same time, SAWA's local team started looking for the right place to build the permanent shelter. In July 2021, the right place was found. First, an access road to the site was built, and the whole thing was divided into 6 levels. Then the necessary infrastructure was bought and installed on the site. This included 2 water tanks and a storage container. The tent was also erected, which would henceforth become the new temporary home for Dave and Christina. As early as August 2021, the first animals could have a look at their new home, and "SAWALand" came to life. Even after that, construction work was still being carried out to make the most of the space for the animals and people. New parts were added again and again. In October, the first toilet was installed in the shelter and shortly afterwards the first stable for the donkeys and horses was built. After that, in November 2021, the first living containers were set up for Dave and Christina to enable them to spend the winter safely as well.  The journey continues and every year more pieces are added to the big shelter puzzle.


Thanks to your commitment, time and donations.


Dog Area finaly open with Double gate


Dog Playground


Building the Dog Areas part 2


Roof between the Staples


Dog Areas wall building


The new Volunteer and Medical Container arrived


Building exterior Fence on Level 1


Builkding the Roof for the Lifing Container


Building Volunteer Area


Building and Installing Storage Container and Fundation


Snow is falling


Leveling the Ground Floor for the Dog Areas

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